About Łukasiewicz - ITME

About Łukasiewicz - ITME

Founded in the early seventies of the twentieth century, the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology (Łukasiewicz - ITME) with about 200 employees is a research, development and consultative institution offering a unique combination of scientific and technological capabilities.
Łukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Electronic Materials Technology is recognized in the world for its comprehensive and interdisciplinary research in the field of broadly defined materials engineering, electronics, photonics, nanotechnology and next-generation materials. Over the years, Łukasiewicz - ITME has retained a high rank in the Research Units Evaluation of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (category A). Its achievements place it among the best research and development institutions that successfully carry out innovative research in many fields related to new technologies.


The R&D activities of Łukasiewicz - ITME include processing of advanced materials (e.g. graphene, semiconductor materials, mono-crystals, thick-film materials, glass and ceramic products, substrates for electronic systems, metal-ceramic composites: MMCs and FGMs, materials for opto-, piezo- and superconductor-electronics, etc.) and devices based on these materials. Łukasiewicz - ITME produces high-quality large graphene sheets measuring up to 500 x 500 mm and graphene flakes (RGO).  ITME is a world leader in graphene research.
The achievements of the scientists working at the Institute have gained praise from the scientific community and, as a result, in the last three years the ITME team has been involved in more than 70 scientific and R&D projects − including NCBiR (the National Centre for Research and Development), GrafTech, NCN (National Science Centre), EU and US projects − in the fields of materials engineering, electronics, physics and chemistry. Łukasiewicz - ITME has been granted several dozen patents in Poland, Europe and worldwide.

Mission, Vision, Goals


  • We create and introduce innovative technologies and functional materials.
  • We develop scientific passions.
  • Our success leads to the development of science and stimulates progress in human welfare and health.
  • We care about the satisfaction of our employees.


  • We aim at achieving and maintaining the status of the most prestigious science and engineering institute in Poland.


  • Ensuring a long-term development of the Institute,
  • Creating value for industry,
  • Supporting the establishment of technological start-ups,
  • Maximizing funds for research and development projects and infrastructure,
  • Optimizing labour productivity.


More details are provided in our online catalogue

ITME Katalog PL (pdf, 6874.9 Kb)
ITME katalog ENG (pdf, 16773 Kb)
ITME oferta PL (pdf, 1053.3 Kb)
Oferta pomiarowa (pdf, 6832.5 Kb)

Quality policy

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System is oriented to systematically improving the quality of products and services. Through the adopted quality standard we establish the identity of the Institute and its position on the market. Both needs and expectations of our customers are met by developing and implementing advanced technologies as well as manufacturing innovative products for various branches of industry.

folder - JUBILEUSZ (pdf, 12088.2 Kb)

Board of Directors

Managing Director Karol Zielonka, Ph.D. (Eng)


dr hab. Leszek Bohdanowicz Chairman
Ryszard Buczyński, prof. Vice-Chairman
Maciej Gierej, Ph.D. Eng Secretary
Rafał Kajka, Ph.D. Eng
Jerzy Kubara
Krzysztof Kurosz, Ph.D. Eng.
Jarosław Mizera, prof.
dr hab. Dorota Pawlak, prof.

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